Parc on Summit

January 18, 2017
GFK Offices
6:30 PM


6:30 Call Meeting to Order

In Attendance:

Galan Potter                President

Victor Chan                 Vice President

Alin Sirbu                 Treasurer

Arash Taheri Lotfi         Secretary

Dena Lee                 Board Member at Large

Anthony Supena         Resident Manager

Jeff Wittman                Schindler Rep for our elevators

6:30 – 7:10 Meeting with Jeff Wittman from Schindler

The board met with Jeff Wittman, Schindler representative for the elevators. Jeff promised to create a dashboard for our elevators, which will help us better troubleshoot future problems and keeps a log of past works that’s been done on the elevators. Under our current service contract, we have a 24/7 service call for most maintenance issues free of charge. Jeff recommends upgrading phones in the elevators and upgrade the buttons and lights to a flush mount so that it will be less likely to break. Power units in both elevators look good but he recommended to change door openers from mechanical to a more modern system during the modernization of the elevators. We could also install smoke detectors inside the hallways and connect them to the modernized elevator system, so that in case of fire, the elevator would not stop at that level, to keep the passengers inside the elevator safe and away from the smoke and fire. The cost of such modernizations is between $58K to $65K.

North elevator was down for a month, and the reason for such a long delay in fixing the issue was because we had to have a new, custom-built board ordered for the controller system and such parts take a while to be made. Jeff promised that in the future he would do everything within his power to minimize the downtime period of our elevators.

6:45-7:00 Homeowners Open Forum 15 min
No homeowner in attendance.

7:00 – 7:05 Approval of Prior Month’s meeting Minutes

Motion to approve December minutes made by Galan Potter, seconded by Victor Chan, approved 5-0.

Financial Report Attached

*(As of December 31, 2016)

The board is updating our association’s regulations, i.e. short-term rentals, storage area; as a result, there has been an increase in our legal fees and Alin Sirbu recommended to increase our legal-fee budget for 2017 to reflect the increase use of our seeking legal advice.

7:15 – 7:35 Old Business- updates


Drew should correct the date on the fourth line of “Resolutions to the Parc on Summit Rules and Regulations” to read Dec 14, 2016 instead of 2017.

Drew will make a summary of the changes in the rules & regulation, to give a snapshot of the important changes so homeowners and residents would be able to get the general picture of the newly adopted changes.

Tentative date for the letters to be mailed to owners and residents is set for 25 January 2017. Prior to sending out the letters, Drew will send a copy to the board for proof reading, comments, and approval.

Pending until the board approves the resolutions.

Based on the information that will be presented to board, a decision will be made.

Drew or Tony to email a draft letter to the board for approval.

There are three storage units in the south building that needs to be verified. Once the storage unit assignment is finished, there will be one extra locker in the south side.

Serious delinquent unit(s) will not be assigned a storage unit until they are up to date on their payments. 

Anthony to email the draft of the letters for board approval.

Nelson electric will get back to Victor to provide us with more information.

May 20, 2017  /  May 21, 2017  /  June 3, 2017  /  June 4, 2017

7:35-8:17 New Business/Items for discussion





Patio Furniture




Back Fence




Sanitation Project




Garage Painting




Hydro Jet Sewer




Sprinkler Door FR-Bid


Tree Removal


Security Cams




Garage Lighting




Light Bulb Credit



Sep 2015

Aug 2016


















Tel / Intercom / Modem




Anthony to follow up with Sewer cost. Assuming sewer cost is related to the water usage, why is there such a high increase in sewer bill when water bill did not rise by the same percent?

Recap on Crime, Trespassing, and similar incidents



Arrests made



Car Prowls with car break ins



Theft of equipments/computers (CDK)



Incidents of stolen packages



Unit investigation Postal Inspector w/ Fed. agents



Homeless incidents

2 Extr    1 Intr

2 Extr

Airbnb violations



In 2015, we had 48 unit turns & 5 unit sales; where as in 2016, we had 40 unit turns and 9 unit sales.

Washington Energy Services (WES) would like to be our preferred provider. Drew will work with Anthony to write a letter to incentivize owners to work with WES for upgrades and repairs of the deficiencies in their respective units. Anthony and Drew to follow up with WES to see how much discount homeowners can receive if they work with that firm.

The goal is to find a company that will give us two separate quotes, one aggregate for all the jobs that we want to do and one quote if we decide to know the price for each individual project so that we can decide which ones fit in our budget. So far, we have not found a company who is willing to give us both quotes and Drew and Galan will continue working on this and report back.

Motion to approve hardwood flooring of units N406 & N305 made by Galan Potter, seconded by Arash Taheri Lotfi, approved 5-0.

Executive session

Motion to send delinquent account(s) for legal action made by Galan Potter, seconded by Arash Taheri Lotfi, approved 5-0


Meeting was adjourned at 8:53PM.