Parc on Summit



June 30, 2016

Presbyterian Church on Harvard

6:30 PM


6:30 Call Meeting to Order




Scott Clawson, President

Galan Potter, Vice President

Megan Martin, Property Manager (GFK)

Alin Sirbu, Treasurer

Anthony Supenia, Resident Manager

Dena Lee, Member at Large


         No Quorum

Scott calls Meeting to order

6:30-6:40 Introductions

6:40-6:42 Ratification of the 2016-2017 Budget
Dues will not change this year.
Healthy reserve study, 95%
Budget automatically ratifies since 51% of ownership is not present.

6:42-6:45 Establish Quorum for Annual Meeting Voting
No Quorum

6:45-6:46 Approval of the 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes
Previous minutes not posted.

6:46-6:48 Election of new Board Members
Members will be appointed without Quorum.
Dena stays on.
Scott steps down as President since he has plans to sell his unit.
Alin and Galan will stay on.
Victor Chan and Brian Lotfi. S403
Board to decide positions.

6:48-6:50 2015 in Review
Construction project under budget.
N tower water loss caused by contractor drilling in to sprinkler system. This is now wrapped up.
Elevator currently not working in N tower. Technicians are supposed to be here soon, unclear exactly when.
Crime is down now that construction has wrapped up.

6:50-7:08 2016-2017 Upcoming Projects
Key fobs.
Plumbing inspection.
Scott recommends
Getting Garbage/Recycling/Yard Waste separated is a focus.

New Business

Open Forum
52% renters in our unit.
Storage units. Reference original property deed.
Light by garage door shines in eyes, maybe put a shade on it?
Carpet cleaners to offer discounts for individual units when doing hall carpet.
Hot water heater in utility closet for North Tower.

7:30 Adjournment